ABOUT Shaheen T.B. Foundation

Shaheen T.B. Foundation is a Welfare Organization, working with the Passion to Eradicate Tuberculosis from Pakistan. It was established by Prof. Dr. Sajid Qayyum as Founder on 24th March 1996 on the International T.B Day with the help of Human Loving People of the AREA. Till then, thousands of patients of T.B. have got treatment from Shaheen T.B. Free Clinic and cured with the blessings of Almighty God. At present, Mr Maqbool Ahmed is working as Chairman Shaheen T.B. Foundation. T.B. is one of oldest and top listed infectious and lethal disease of the world. It occurs mostly (about 95%) in poor people, this is why it is called “Disease of the poor”.

At present two absolute free TB clinics are working. One at Mozang Lahore and the other at Shadman Lahore. In near future we have planned to establish (with the help of humanity loving people of society) an absolute free TB Hospital near Jinah Hospital Lahore.

It is requested to help and donate in the name of humanity to Shaheen T.B. Foundation for the sick, poor and deserving TB patients. Donation can be given in the context of Charity, Zakat, Sudqa, Skin of sacrificial animals, in the form of cash, cheque, drafts or other way etc.